Beauty FormulasTea Tree Blackhead Clearing Facial Scrub 150ml

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Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Blackhead Facial Scrub will give your skin a deep cleansing facial scrub that will help to keep the skin clear of blackheads, unblock pore and renew any dead skin cells. The clearing facial will give your skin a deep clean leaving it feeling refreshed and revived.

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Product Description

Beauty Formulas Face Scrub with Australian Tea Tree Extract, suitable for all skin types. Special against sebum secretions and pirmentation. Beauty Formulas uses in this series tea tree oil from Australia. This oil is a natural antibacterial agent that is believed to provide innumerable beneficial effects and antiseptic properties. A refreshing, deep scrub cleansing face that helps clean the skin by removing black spots, dead cells and opening its pores. It drastically cleanses the skin by removing dirt, grease and other debris that can close its pores and do not let it breathe. Deep cleansing with the beneficial stimulating property of tea tree that simultaneously revitalizes and renews the skin, leaving it clean and healthy

Use: Damp your face and neck. Apply a small amount to your hands and perform circular massage movements. Rinse thoroughly with warm running water and dry. Use it as often as needed.

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