FOCALLURE Rain Bow Cocktail Cleansing Oil-FA98

100 ML

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Water and oil, perfect combination,refreshing and moisturizing, skin care level makeup remover, all kinds skin can use 6:4 water-oil proportion, maintain skin water and oil balance, does not contain mineral oil, bid farewell to the sticky feeling of oil residue, light texture, remove waterproof and heavy makeup Not only pretty appearance, but also strong cleansing power Plant extract ingredients, including a variety of plant extracts, such as betaine, rose extract, carrot root, soft and moist, soothing and moisturizing, no burden on the skin

Oil layer (Honey yellow): quickly dissolves full face makeup Water layer (Rose pink): cleansing makeup oil residue

No harmful to eyes, PH value is similar to tears, weakly acidic, contact lens wearer can use with confidence No harmful to lips, gentle and moist, not excessively clean, remove the deep color lips makeup

How to use:

Product Description

How to use:

1. Shake before use, shake the makeup remover gently, and pour the liquid onto the cotton pad.

2. Remove waterproof eye makeup: Apply it to the eye for 8 seconds, wipe it from the root of the eyelashes.

3. Remove the lip makeup: Apply it to the lips for 8 seconds, gently wipe it.

4. Remove the daily makeup: gently wipe the entire face along the skin texture. Wash with cleanser and water


FOCALLURE About FOCALLURE FOCALLURE cosmetics was born in 2014 and raised in the Aliexpress. During these years, FOCALLURE had gained so many trust of our products user and supporters from all over the world. Believing the beauty is a common language to communicate with others, we are dedicated to spreading a thinking "Beauty AND LOVE WITHOUT BORDER": anyone in any age, any country loves makeup are the members of one family. Focusing on letting all the people have a chance join in the makeup family, FOCALLURE produces affordable and great quality makeup products with the luxury formula and reliable technology. And as a pet lover, we won't allow any fur babies to be hurt because of our products. Our creators in L.A are believing that color is a key part of makeup, so they are committed to seeking the new trend, making it come true and offering you world-wide color and endless choices. You can always find your surprise in FOCALLURE. That we will focus on your beauty and you just have to allure the world.

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