Military Dogtag

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Tag Plate: Stainless rust free Metal
Silencer : Silicon Pitch Black
Chain : Stainless Ball Chain
Long Chain Length: 60 cm
Short Chain Length : 10 cm
Customization Length
Military standard Fonts Type and size

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Product Description

2 pcs Dog tag plate
2 pcs Silencer
1 pc Long Chain
1 pc Short Chain
10 (5×2) line customized texts.
Inbox us for customized text that you want.
Delivery within 48-72 hours.
ORDER LINK: (Submit the form to order)

Customize Procedures:
⚀ Each Tag plate 5 lines.
⚁ Maximum 15 letters in a line with space.
⚂ No change applicable after finalizing order.
⚃ Stamping & Delivery within 48 hours.

Provide Dogtag texts as bellow, sample only

FEB 28 1990

2nd Tag can be as above or different text allowed.

After providing text give your full address for courier with mobile numbers.

Promotional Price : 500/= +
Courier Charge Dhaka 60/=
Outside Dhaka 100/=

Write down Tag texts.

1st Tag:

2nd Tag:

All CAPITAL letters, Total 5 lines.
Maximum 15 letters in a line.
Space will be counted as 1 letter.
Alphabet, Numbers and these symbols only
& ‘ , . – / ( ) @ * + – ! ? ” : ~


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