Pudaier pocket capsule lipstick set

5 pcs lipstic set

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Out of stock

Brand: Flashmoment (Sub-brand of Pudaier)
Item: 5 Colors/Set Charming Lipstick
Effect: bright, moisturizing, hydrating, repairing, light, thin.
Quantity: 1 box of 5pcs
Box Size: 14cm*8cm*2.3cm(approx.)
5pcs/set Nude Matte Lipstick Waterproof Long Lasting Moisturizing Batom Lip Kit Makeup Set Pigment Velvet Beauty Make

Package Included:
1 * Box of Lipsticks (5 colors in a box)


Product Description

A pack of 5 colors, change the color whenever you like, great for the changeable queen.
Long color holding, not easy to fade, not stick cup, long lasting lipstick for continuous beauty.
Fine and smooth texture, thin and breathable, it colors evenly and uniformly
Mini travel size, for home use and carrying out.


Pudaier Hi, makeup lovers PUDAIER has ten years history as a cosmetics brand. As a niche high-end makeup brand, we do not pursue high output and high sales, we pursue high quality and excellent design. We firmly believe that every product will find its owner, and every purchase is a enjoyment. Try our products which you fall in love with in the first sight, you gonna love it so much. Wish you a happy purchasing!

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