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Lavender essential oil has two main phytochemicals – linalool and its ester linalyl acetate.

Keep it out of sunshine & heat, store in cool dark place & best with 12 months of opening.
Suggested Use:

Hair: Regular rubbing of lavender essential oil into scalp helped the people, facing hair loss problem, increase their hair growth.
Thus, if you are an alopecia patient you can try out lavender essential oil to solve abnormal hair loss issue.
Joint Pain: Massage in joints of your body with lavender oil in regular basis. It will help do away with joint pains.
The essential oil is moreover famous for mind-blowing remedy of pains caused by sore, sprains, lumbago, muscular aches and so forth. In addition, lavender essential oil has stimulating effect on production of urine.
Insomnia Solution: Place some lavender essential oil on pillow before going to bed for sleeping. Problem of insomnia will be solved.
Treats eczema, burns, cuts and wonds.
Lavender essential oil is added to chamomile for treating evergreen eczema. Moreover, to alleviate you from burns, sunburns, wound and cuts you can use the oil. Why? The answer is that lavender essential oil improves the formation of scare tissues.

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Product Description

Skin Cafe 100% Natural Lavender Essential Oil CF20101 – 10ml.
Brand: Skin Cafe.
Product Type: Serum & Oil.
Capacity: 10ml.
100% Natural.
Premium Therapeutic Grade.
Origin: USA.
Stops hair loss.
Helps increase hair growth.
Reduces joint pains.
Solves insomnia problem.
Diminishes hypertension and stress because of having linalool in the oil.
Solves eczema problem.
Apply on the skin like chest, back and neck for the remedy of the diseases such as cold and cough.

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