YC Whitening Facial Scrub With Papaya Extract-175ML

175 ML

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– polished and then white

– scrub and smooth

– mask and bounce

Scrub the skin smooth and scrub both Papaya. Papaya with the properties of papaya to help remove impurities, blackheads and dead skin cells gently leaving skin smooth, soft and moisturized  when used regularly.

To use: Squeeze on the palm. Scrub and leave for a moment. Then rinse with clean water. Can be used on the body.


Product Description

  • Brand: YC
  • Product Type: Facial Scrub Papaya Extract
  • Capacity: 175ml
  • Gender: Women
  • Gentle exfoliating daily scrub


YC Was established in 2003. We mainly focus on the manufacturing to export the product to the international market. Meanwhile, the product has been develop and formulate under the company’s brand called ‘YC‘. MSB together with YC, take a step into the world wide Skin Care market. Middle-East is the settlement since 2004 until now with over 35 vendor countries of YC’s representative and more than 500 million baht trading value per year. YC has above of 300 product line which received a good feedback from the consumer in various continents because MSB has an excellent developing team who emphasize the importance of how to satisfy the demand of the customer. Because of this matter, the products of YC are always both modern and up-to-date through the Product Innovation. Moreover, our concern is to improve the development of Process Innovation in Supple Chain Management to minimize the usage of resources with highest profitable and harmless to environment.

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