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FOCALLURE BANGLADESH is very much aware of maintaining authenticity of its every brand and products. The total operation is free from Non branded / replica/ copy products. Throughout the years it has achieved many international certifications from authentic vendors, mother company and genuine factories.

✓Authorized Distributor FOCALLURE.

(Cert. No. FCBD001)

✓ Authorized Agent VERONNI.

(Cert. No. VIBD001)

✓Authentic Re-seller PUDAIER.

(Cert. Dated. DEC19)

✓Authentic re-seller of UK Premium Brands.


FOCALLURE Bangladesh is a proud member of e-CAB having certification no. 1200.

e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) is devoted to the development of the Bangladeshi e-Commerce sector.

e-CAB has been created to address the existing problems of e-Commerce to ensure its growth. E-CAB aims to serve as a common platform for companies involved in the Bangladeshi E-Commerce industry. e-CAB will serve as their voice. In addition, e-CAB will undertake different activities including research, publication, training, workshop, seminars, etc., for the improvement of the e-Commerce sector.