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Maange Single Contour Brush

৳ 220 SKU: McntrB

100% brand new and high quality!


Quantity: 1PCS Makeup brush

Product material: Synthetic hair/Wood Handle

Features: Soft, Rich in bristles,Nylon wool hair, soft touch,Thick aluminum tude

Package includes: 1pcs makeup brush

How to clean your brush:

First, mix the detergent with warm water, foam may be generated when mixing. After the foam has melted, hold the long handle of the makeup brush.

Soak the brush head in water, be careful not to extend the long handle into the water, because the long handle does not need to be cleaned or soaked.

Then shake the brush head, the dirty water will be shaken out with the force. It can be turned back and forth in the reverse direction, so that the dirty water will wash out more. After washing, squeeze the water on the brush with a clean towel, and finally dry it, and it can be used again after it is dried.